Online Business Card

Howdy. I'm guessing you're here either because you've scanned my business card or possibly my desk.

Where we are

We're based in the Bradfield Centre, at the Cambridge Science Park (CB4 0GA).

If ever you're around Cambridge and fancy a chat about anything web-related and/or online, then please get in touch as we'd love to be of assistance on your next big project.

We have visitor parking, which you're welcome to use when you come & visit us. As you arrive, either give me a quick call (0808-164-8080) or let the receptionist know you're here and they'll get in touch with me.

Some useful links:

We are open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5.30pm.

My details

Dan Harris
Spark Code Founder

Freephone: 0808-164-8080


Twitter: @sparkcode

Sharing these details

Please feel free to share these personal contact details with colleagues within your own company, should they need to get in touch with me. Or if you would like to pass to other like-minded business associates outside your own firm who you feel would be able to make use of our various business services.

I would request that these personal contact details not be shared for the purposes of marketing without first obtaining our express written consent (e.g., adding to phone-lists, mailing-lists or SMS marketing lists) in line with general common sense & GDPR regulations, thank you :)